Travel To 9,000 Years Old City in Italy

Inspiring Page - Travel To 9,000 Years Old City. In the past 9,000 years not much has changed at the Sassi in Matera, Italy.

This ancient city is home to over 1,000 cave dwellings carved out of a rocky canyon overlooking a great river. The caved houses are believed to be one of the oldest human settlements in the Mediterranean, dating from the Palaeolithic age.
travel to sassi di matera the 9K years old city in Italy
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#1. For thousands of years, the caves continue to be inhabited. Although, in the early 1950s people lived in extreme poverty with no clean water, electricity or sewage facilities nearby. This prompted the government to evacuate its inhabitants. New in 1993 when UNESCO named Matera as a World Heritage site that things changed. Today, this cave town has a makeover with hotels and restaurants that cater to tourists visiting from all over the world.
travel to the city of sassi di matera in Italy
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#2. Scientists have discovered sculptures, coins, and ceramics dating back thousands of years. This ancient city also appears to replace biblical locations in Hollywood movies such as The Passion of Christ, The Nativity Story, and King David.
city of Sassi Di Matera is location of Hollywood films like The Passion of Christ
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city of Sassi Di Matera is location of Hollywood films like The King David
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travel to the oldest city of Sassi di Matera
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#3. Sassi di Matera is the oldest cave town still inhabited in the world. Residents of Matera often boast that they are the only people in the world who live in the same place as their ancestors 9,000 years ago.
sassi di matera italy
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sassi di matera italy the oldest city
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#4. The limestone cave has been time-tested to be home to hundreds of thousands of people in the past to the present day.
limestone at the sassi di matera city
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Are you inspired to travel there? Let's set your schedule as soon as possible. Travel to Sassi di Matera in Italy that is full of history and beauty.
Sassi in Matera on the map
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Make sure your schedule is not full this year. And start traveling to Italy filled with tens to hundreds of beautiful and beautiful historic cities in the world. Use your travel agency to help manage your tour schedule appropriately.
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