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Inspiring Page - Transforming the Natural Street Environment into Extraordinary Art. Street art is always interesting. Some artists decide to give a touch of art on the street to inspire you and me. Nothing shakes the boring urban environment, more than just beautiful art. This can provide a new perspective for the environment.

Some street art in particular goes a step further by joining with nature. Trees, shrubs and other greenery interact with artwork to create even more amazing works of art. Take a look at some of the cleverest street art installations below.

#1. Comb To Tree Afro. The painting of a man uses a pick comb to brush his tree afro.
Comb To Tree Afro

#2. Sweet Tree Afro. A painting of a happy woman who has a flower tree as her afro.
sweet tree afro

#3. Little Girl Sit on the Tree. A mural of a little girl pulls down the "building" to see the sky while sitting in the real tree.
Little Girl Sit on the Tree

#4. Vibrant Flowers Hair. A painting of a woman living with bright flowers as her hair.
Vibrant Flowers Hairing

#5. Flower Vomiting. A black silhouette spray painting that lifted the actual flower. After all, spray paint can be toxic if you do not wear a mask.
Flower Vomiting

#6. Tree Branching Finger. The mural wall of a man is trying very hard to grow a branch from his fingertips.
Tree Branching Finger

#7. Mural Beautiful Women Turban. A dark-skinned female mural with a beautiful flower tree out of her turban.
mural blossoming sweet women turban

#8. Voluptuous Hair. Painting an animated female character with a handful of green like her voluptuous hair.
Voluptuous Hair

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