This Woman Gets $5M Without Intent

Inspiring Page - This Woman Gets $5M Without Intent. This New Jersey woman won $5 million from the initial ticket that she accidentally bought.
Oksana Zaharov WON 5 Million Dollar NY Lottery
Source: Foxnews.
Oksana Zaharov, 46, of Edgewater, NJ, bought NYLottery two weeks ago at Trisha Convenience in Manhattan. The New Jersey woman said she intended to buy $1 scratch-off but was given a $10 Set-for-Life ticket, - and she WON $5 Million for this deliberation!
Oksana Zaharov WON 5 Million Dollar Lottery

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Oksana Zaharov plans to use the $5 million lottery win for a vacation to the Bahamas with his two children and to finance his two children's education.

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