This Couple Married at Mt. Everest

Inspiring Page - This Couple Married at Mt. Everest. What if you really love someone and feel at the top of the world when you're with them? Are you going to experience an epic rise to really be on top of the world so you can marry them in the edgiest ceremony?
got married on mt everest
Source: Charleton Churchill
As this couple did it, and their entire photoshoot was stunning and risky to say the least. Love can move mountains, but also move people to try new ways to remember their special day.

The mountain is not high enough, at least for this Californian couple who decided to tie the knot above Mt. Everest.

35-year-old James Sisson (35) and 32-year-old Ashley Schmeider were married in epic momentum at the tip of a cold iceberg. But getting there is no easy search.
#1. Frozen temperatures, potential hypothermia, and long distance are enough to prevent people from trying this on their own.
Source: Charleton Churchill

married on freeze temprature on everest
Source: Charleton Churchill

But Ashley and James are not regular couples. Adventurers spend a whole year carefully planning every detail. So in illness and health, they embark on a very cool adventure of their own.
#2. They do not just dream it, they train it! Instead of the average Joe you will someday decide to board a plane and land on the top of the mountain and install it as soon as possible. This is one example where money will not be useful to you unless you have the determination.
travel to got training to married on everest
Source: Charleton Churchill

If you want to access the summit, you should be prepared and train hard to avoid accidents along the way. That's why they train their body for a year to do this magnificent wedding. But the road to the summit was a busy one, as it took them 3 weeks to reach the 17,000 foot camp.
Travel to Nepal to Got Training to married on Mt Everest
Source: Charleton Churchill

The duo arrived in Nepal in March, and finally made it to the base camp. But they do not have to put up a tripod and take thousands of shots to take some photos made like pieces. Oh no! They were accompanied by their talented photographer, Charleton Churchill (charletonchurchill .com).
#3. Charleton Churchill is responsible for handling technical details about photographing those magnificent and amazing images. Meanwhile, Ashley and James are too busy to pronounce their oath and get lost in the beauty of her love, and the little epic scene will be visible in their lives. The aesthetics are amazing, the perfect backdrop for an adventurous couple like the two!
travelto married on everest
Source: Charleton Churchill

They braved deep snow, cold temperatures and a kind of altitude that can really destroy you if you're not ready for it.
travel to brave deep snow to married on everest
Source: Charleton Churchill

Some will say that this is a perfect preparation of what will happen after you combine the two lives together.

If they manage to let go of this, they can live any life, always together, side by side. Fantastic shoots prove that everything is worth doing in the end, and fortunately, these professionals are quite careful not to risk bad weather, and cleverly plan their trip to Mt. Everest. Talk about going the extra mile!
#4. Photographers make sure this shoot looks easy, but in reality, it takes a lot of things to get there. They have to climb, climb, prepare their minds and bodies, wear traditional clothes with them, and even wear makeup for filming as a visual orgasm. But it's all worth it!
photoshoot when married on everest
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ashley got married on everest
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Ashley is a white vision and manages to find a way to stand out from the alluring and hypnotic look. She walked along the rocks while the photographer caught her as she staggered toward the spot, ready to be shot on her wedding day. This is one of the brides who are willing to do a very dangerous thing to prove how much he means to her.
#5. The photographer made sure to capture the struggle they experienced on the way to the Mountain. But if you ask the adventurous duo of this love, they will probably tell you that they can not think of anything other than how they want to be in their own lives.
traveltorun the mill wedding
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And they want to remember it in a way that suits their liking, and what they can do to avoid your ongoing marriage! After all, there is no "run milling" about these two best friends and partners in life! While most people want to have a unique wedding, very few have the backbone to climb over 17,000 feet to get it. And we will not blame them!
the best kisses on married on everest
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Both are luminous about what some people consider the happiest in their lives. We, on the other hand, can already say this is the kind of couple that will pass thousands of happy days! As long as you stay strong and swear to make your partner happy, then life will be full of nothing but happy days!
#6. Some brides and grooms want your typical photo shoot in the park, and it's also beautiful. Others prefer to distinguish themselves and show the world what their circumstances really are, and what makes them so unique and different from anyone. If you love to run a marathon, do not be afraid to run a marathon on your wedding day! Do not be afraid to tie a knot in school if school is your life.
best travel moment to got married on everest
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You can set up your wedding day rules and throw out the bouquet of rules through the window and design the last wedding.
best of the best travel to married on everest
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Whether it's a super-naked Star Wars themed wedding, a simple and small ceremony in the park, or an amazing hike on the biggest mountain peak ever, let your inner creativity shine and do not be afraid of choosing the best and most fun. how to celebrate this great day, however much you want it. After all, it's your wedding day and your only goal today is to make you both smile and enjoy themselves like this couple in their very unique way!
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Make this couple your inspiration. Go to travel to a beautiful place with your partner and make a beautiful moment there as a shared memories that always you both remember throughout life. Hopefully your travel agency can help manage your tour schedule appropriately.

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