See How These Pets Expressions When See Snow On Their First Time

Inspiring Page - See How These Pets Expressions When See Snow On Their First Time. Do you remember the first time you experienced snow? It's kind of sad to imagine that some people never have because of the awesome snow.

polar bear baby when first time felt the snow
Source: Soren Koch
Some of us are lucky enough to see the excitement on our children's faces when we first found snow. But animals are very much like children, especially when they experience something new for the first time. So we found a collection of funny animal photos that could finally see the real snow, and the reaction was so adorable. But not everyone has a positive reaction to soft white soft cover.

Even for a polar bear baby had his first experience with snow.
polar bear baby lick the snow
Source: Soren Koch
This baby polar bear gets a chance to experience snow for the first time and loves it. Initially, not sure what it is. Then it was decided to lick and love it.
polar bear baby lie like that to the snow
Source: Soren Koch
It may be decided to lie like that because it freezes the brain, but to us, it looks so adorable, almost like a teddy bear.
#1. Golden Retriever Crazy Eyes. You do not really have to ask this dog how he feels about the snow that gives the expression on his face.
Source: lvveq | reddit
Usually, we find the Golden Retriever can be adorable, but the reddit dog user sumptimwong looks to limit the homocidal with its teeth and crazy eyes.
#2. This Persian Cat practically Screams for help after running into the snow to see what this really is.
persian cat with it first time experienced with the snow
Source: Photography
They say that curiosity kills the cat, but in this case, it made him freeze his paws! Look at the look of fear in the poor cat's face.
#3. Cute Husky. This adorable lips had a little white powder on his nose, but he did not say a word.
cute husky with his first time experienced with the snow
Source: Stephy151 | imgur
User Imgur Stephy151 remembers how her sister and her husband have just adopted this puppy, and this is her first time in the snow.
#4. This adorable little puppy does not seem to mind that his nose feels good and cold.
Users of Reddit Slayer128 seem to get a punch from something, which will really explain why he looks like he just won the lottery.
cute little puppy when his first time experienced with the snow
Source: Slayer128 | reddit
Notice how happy he looks even though his little nose froze. Yes! This puppy is a winter fan.
#5. Fear seems to be in the cat's nature, just like curiosity, but this little cat is confused with snow.
cat fear expression when it first time experienced with the snow
Source: Elizabeth | Flickr
Flickr user Elizabeth Bouras sees her cat Jonesy scouring the balcony, but she is not ready to discover how the cat reacts to the snow. At first it was curious. Then it seemed to jump in a panic as if trying to get away from the snow quickly.
#6. This photo snapped just before the snowball hit this dog. Reddit user rcinferno set this shot perfectly.
dog expression when it first time with snow
Source: rcinferno | reddit
He also claims that his dog, Bruno, likes ice cubes, which might explain why his mouth is open and ready to accept the ice projectile. He looks very silly and cute!
#7. This is Waffle and this is his first time in the snow, which makes him cuckoo because of snowflakes.
Waffle and this is his first time in the snow
Source: sir waffles | reddit
"Hey dad, look! Frostbite!" Reddit user Sir Waffles Dog McFluffybutt may not understand how the owner could have ignored him about snow until now. It's freaking awesome. Just look at him jump all eager.
#8. The Cat's ears pointed up and its tail, which seemed a very bad sign.
cat ear pointing upwards when his first time with the snow
Source: dax268 | reddit
Fortunately, this Reddit cat is not a Dax268 cat, but we also do not want to be the owner. Looks pawsitally upset because it has been dragged out on a cold winter day to experience snow.
#9. Mommy promised him a tasty snow cone, but this sure as heck doesn't have any flavor in it.
cute little puppy with his first time with the snow
Source: Zebrahed | reddit
Reddit user Zebrahed gave her black dog his first taste of snow, and it looks like it has been a huge letdown. "Oh mama, why is this white stuff so darn cold?"

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That is the expression of some pets when they first touch and experience the snow in their lives. Really funny and adorable.

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