Perfect Photos of Kingfisher Birds from 700 Thousand Photos Taken For 6 Years

InspiringPage - Perfect Photos of Kingfisher Birds from 700 Thousand Photos Taken For 6 Years. After six years (and 720,000 photos) he finally managed to get this perfect bird image.

the perfect kingfisher photo
Source: Alan McFayden
The kingfisher may look colorful and soft but this is a fast and skilled hunter. This little bird is known to make fast and flawless dives into lakes and rivers to catch small fish.
#1. Alan McFayden fell in love with the furry animal as a child when his grandfather, Robert Murray, will invite him to see bird nesting areas around Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland.
kingfisher flying down to catch fish
Source: Alan McFayden
"Kingfishers dive so fast that they are like bullets so taking good photos takes a lot of luck - and a lot of patience," McFayden said.
#2. The 46-year-old has spent the last six years returning to the same spot to capture a perfect and rare shot from a fisherman who dives straight into the water, without splashes.
alan mcfadyen perfect photos
Source: Alan McFayden
For McFayden, the sacrifice is worth every minute. He is so focused on achieving this achievement that he goes to locations around 100 days each year, often taking 600 photos per visit.
kingfisher catch the fish
Source: Alan McFayden
The wildlife photographer spent 4,200 hours and took 720,000 photos to get that one.
#3. McFayden did not see spending six years and cut out thousands of photos as a waste of time. It enjoys the process and the hard work it needs to get the perfect shot.
the perfect kingfisher out of the water
Source: Alan McFayden
"The photograph I went for a perfect dive, without flaws, without sparks not only required me to be in the right place and get a very lucky shot, but also for the bird itself to get it perfect."
the perfect shot of kingfisher when catch the fish
Source: Alan McFayden
Grandfather McFayden died at the age of 78 in 1994; the photographer hopes the grampanya could be there to see the picture.
#4. What this artist does with nature and birds is unlike anything you've seen before. He has patience and high artistic ability in taking photos of nature and birds. The picture is always amazing.
perfect shot of kingfisher catch the fish
Source: Alan McFayden

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"I remember my grandfather taking me to see the cultivated nest and I just remember being totally fascinated by how magnificent the birds were."

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