How You Can Get Rid Of A Headache Fast Without Taking Any Medication

Inspiring Page - How You Can Get Rid Of A Headache Fast Without Taking Any Medication. We often brush headaches aside as if they're nothing more than a common nuisance that will go away on their own. If only it were that simple.

Unfortunately, a lot of headaches can endure and force us to take aspirin or ibuprofen to ease the pain away. In the long run, this is just a temporary fix, and it doesn't solve the real source of the problem. So here are some easy ways to relieve your headache without actually going for the medicine cabinet, and many of them can help the pain go away in just five quick minutes.

There are a plenty of things that can bring on the onset of a headache.

Unfortunately, over-the-counter medicine doesn't always work, and in some cases, it can upset our stomachs. Fortunately, there are some Eastern-inspired methods that can take the pain away.
headache causes

Contrary to popular belief, all headaches aren't the same.

There are different types of headaches and all can cause you a great deal of pain in a variety of areas around your head, particularly your face.
headache contrary

The Yin Tang Point is the central area of pain when a headache arises.

It's the spot in the middle of your forehead, which some call the Ajna center, or the third eye. It's also where pain is common.
yin tang point

To treat your headache, just press gently on your Yin Tang Point using your middle and index fingers.

Continue doing this for up to 30 seconds, but keep in mind that if it doesn't work, wait five minutes and try again, but this time, apply pressure there for about a minute.
yin tang point treatment headache

The Zan Zhu Points are also crucial pressure points for those with headaches.

zan shu points treatment headache

The pain often originates right at the inside of each of your eyebrows. So to alleviate the pain, you'll use the same method you performed on the Yin Tang Point.
yin tang point treatment headache

Instead of using your middle finger, use your thumbs for this one.

Make sure and massage the two points using both thumbs, one for each. This will bring you pain relief and it can even help treat a runny nose if you have a cold.
yin tang point for treatment headache

The YingXiang Points are your nostrils' next door neighbor so to speak.
They're located above your lips, but halfway up to the area next to your nostrils. This is another area that you can massage to get rid of your headache.
yingxiang point for treatment headache

Using your fingers to massage the YingXiang Points can do so much for you.
Not only can it relieve a headache, but it can help reduce stress, open up your sinuses, and even relieve some serious tension after a hard day's work.
yingxiang point treatment headache

Pressure points like the Tian Zhu, have been used for years by Eastern practitioners to relieve pain.
These points are located where your head meets your neck, or more specifically, where your hairline begins in the back of your neck.
pressure like tian zhu point treatment headache

Like with any of the pressure point massages, you have to be firm to relieve the pain.
pressure point treatment headache

What you'll get by massaging the Tian Zhu points is relief from a headache, neck pain, stress, and can even help to treat your insomnia.
tian zhu point for treatment headache

The Shuai Gu points are close to your Tian Zhu point.
These points can be found about an inch above the top of your ears, so when you're done with the Tian Zhu points, go up and massage your Shuai Gu points too.
shuai gu point treatment headache

Sometimes, all you need is a good old fashion massage around the affected area.
Massaging your skin around the Shuai Gu points can also help reduce eye fatigue, cravings and vertigo. So just use your index fingers and thumb to apply some pressure in these areas to feel relief.
shuai gu point for treatment headache

The He Gu points aren't located anywhere on or near your head.
They're actually located in the webbing between your thumb and index finger and can help you deal with a variety of painful conditions.
he gu point treatment headache

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