How This Syrian Refugee Try To Survive by Selling Pens

Inspiring Page - How This Syrian Refugge Try To Survive by Selling Pens. Abdul Halim al-Attar, a Palestinian refugee from Syria, used to sell pens on the streets of Beiruit.

The news about the Syrians refugee was long overdue. But what this man does to survive with his lovely daughter in an unrecognized new place is a wonderful thing we need to learn in life.
how this syrian refugee try to survive by sold pens
Source: Twitter
The depth of a father's love for his daughter, will make the father do anything for his daughter's life for the better. That is what Abdul Hallim al-Attar did for his daughter, Reem.

Luckily, his love for his great daughter, in survival, made an online journalist and webmaster from Norway, Gissur Simonarson, touched and acted.
gissur simonarson help this syrian refugee
Source: Generosity
Gissur Simonarson created a Twitter account @Buy_Pens where he posted a photo of al-Attar in action selling a pen while holding his daughter wrapped in sleep over his shoulder on the side of a highway in Beirut.
Berfoto bersama Simonarson. Source: Generosity

Abdul is a Palestinian Syrian from the Yarmouk refugee camp, probably one of the worst places to stay in Syria now. He is a single father with two children, Abdelillah (boy) 9 years old, and Reem (female) aged 4 1/2 years.

Simonarson also started Indiegogo's campaign to collect a total of $5,000 for the family. After three months, the campaign generated nearly $190,000 in donations.
Source: Hussein Malla / AP
And, now... he has opened three businesses. "If God wants to give you something, you will get it," he told AP with a smile despite the liquefaction issue. This two-man father received only 40 percent of $168,000, total after processing and banking costs.
Source: Hussein Malla / AP

al-Attar lives happily with his beloved daughter and his wife and son who finally meet in Beirut after 3 years of unknown their news.
al-attar with his lovely daugther
Source: Hussein Malla / AP

al-Attar worked in a chocolate factory before the war. He left Syria to Egypt with his wife and children, shortly after his wife wanted to return to Syria, and they parted ways. He then decided to go to Lebanon and try to survive with his daughter by selling pens and anything he could to support his beloved daughter.

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May the life story of al-Attar be able to inspire you and me in this life. That, in life there is always a problem, but how we live and solve problems, that's the most beautiful moment of life.

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