How They Transformed the Neglected Space into a Beautiful Underground Park in New York City

Inspiring Page - How They Transformed the Neglected Space into a Beautiful Underground Park in New York City. Have you ever imagined that a garden full of trees, humans, and bright sunshine could exist ... underground?

beautiful underground park in new york city
Source: thelowline
Well, that's what New York City is currently developing with the LowLine team. They use fiber optic technology to direct sunlight. The result is really cool! The abandoned train station will be transformed into an underground park.
#1. The site was opened in 1908 for trolley passengers, but has not been used since 1948 when the trolley service was stopped.
1908 trolley passenger station
Source: thelowline

This will be the first of its kind. New York City will be the first to have an underground park like this.

1908 trolley passenger station will transformed into underground park
Source: thelowline
If you want to visit, it will be in Manhattan under the eastern highway of Delancey Street on the Lower East Side.
#2. Technology directs sunlight will turn on this park. The park will be about 3 blocks long and the ceiling is about 20 feet high.
sunlight directing technology
Source: thelowline
What you see in this picture is a "distributor plate" that will send light into the dungeon. They basically receive light from above and distribute it below.
laser beam light technology
Source: thelowline
Light will be a 'laser beam' to an underground distributor plate with other dishes on the ground. The remote skylight system has two levels. The above ground level has a special dish called 'parabolic collector'. This will concentrate sunlight into a kind of beam of light and direct it directly to an underground distributor plate.
#3. Special distributor plates will spread the light into the dungeon.
light distribution
Source: thelowline
This is what the distributor looks like after it is installed. They are also called "long distance reflectors".
#4. Underground plant life will evolve with the technology used. See how beautiful the system works? This will allow photosynthesis to occur, promoting life underground with real sunlight.
Underground plant life will evolve with the technology used
Source: thelowline
Light will be generated from the sun as well as from artificial sources. The 'sunlight' laser beam will be placed in many special locations above the ground to direct the most sunlight possible. Of course, on cloudy days and evenings, they will use artificial sunlight to keep the park alive.
#5. Underground gardens will not rely on electricity. As long as there is no sunlight electricity it will be necessary to keep the park alive.
underground plant
Source: thelowline

undergound park prototype get huge success
Source: thelowline

Many people in New York City are behind this project. The Manhattan Community Board 3, along with many politicians who support the project. It also includes the Lower East Side Business Improvement District.
#6. It will be a peaceful place to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery beneath the city's giant building.
Source: thelowline
It seemed like a great place to relax and get away from the tall buildings and the bustling city. Plus, since this will be located in one of the greenest areas of NYC, this will be a great addition to the environment.
the peaceful and beautiful underground park in new york city
Source: thelowline
Amazing light illumination technology. As you can see. Green design and environmentally friendly. It's just about a good idea. If you agree, share it with your friends to facebook and or twitter!

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This underground park is expected to open in 2018. Be sure to visit!

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