Here is The Best Tree House I Ever Seen Will Make You Rethink Your Priorities

Inspiring Page - Here is The Best Tree House I Ever Seen Will Make You Rethink Your Priorities. This is cool. It's called as EcoPERCH - tree house is a pre-fabricated eco space by architectural and construction company - Blue Forest. Can be assembled within 5 days.

treehouse assembled in 5 days
Source: Blue Forest
Can perched between treetops or on the ground. This space features continuous construction materials, double-glazed windows, low voltage LED lights, internal softwood doors, LPG hot water heating system "A" hot water heaters, flat-screen TVs and flat-screen DVDs and drainage water supply -ash. The ecoPERCH's exterior features a tongue arch and sustainable groove grooves, a shingle roof, and an outdoor deck and log storage space.

The Interior Design of the Tree House is Remarkable. The interior design of the tree house is amazing. Are you aware that this tree house can receive a great interior design in it? Just look at yourself, and imagine if you are in it.

treehouse interior
You have everything you need in this cozy tree house. Environmentally friendly kitchen area, bathroom, shower, television and bedroom.
treehouse interior design luxurious
Everything you can put in it, and still leaves space for other interior decorations.

This treehouse is actually a music studio.

treehouse that actually is a music studio
It was built for someone to record music, not far from the walkway from his house.
treehouse that actually is a music studio with high quality recording results
It is acoustically engineered for high quality recording. There is a large mixing table and mobile voice booth, as well as a sofa and bathroom built for guests.

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