Friendly Bridge Construction With Nature

Inspiring Page - Friendly Bridge Construction With Nature. The number one cause of extinction and loss of human life is human abuse of animal habitat, and one of the biggest offenders is the way. Animals in the wild are roaming and migrating, so in an effort to reduce the killing on the highway, some great engineers begin to create bridges especially for animals. And they are amazing.

#1. Bridges, such as those near Banff in Canada, allow animals to move safely between stretches of habitat.
Bridge at Banff, Canada

#2. Bridge for Fish in Germany. Yea! In Germany, they even have aqua-ecoducts. Yes, a bridge for fish.
Bridge for Fish in Germany

#3. Bridge for Red Crabs in Australia. Even red crabs are very special in Australia. Yes! The red crabs are given special bridges for them to migrate across the road safely.
Bridge for Red Crabs in Australia

#4. Turtle Tunnel in Japan. Perhaps you will wonder and not imagine before if there is a special way of tunnel for the turtles to cross the railway safely. Japan made it!
Turtle Tunnel in Japan

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Hopefully the bridges can inspire you to be able to propose to the mayor in your city to care about the wildlife around and build bridges that are friendly to nature as before.

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