Famous Family The World's First Surviving Septuplets Looks After 20 Years

Inspiring Page - Famous Family The World's First Surviving Septuplets Looks After 20 Years. Having a baby is a common thing, but having seven at once is very rare.

famous family the worlds first surviving septuplets
Even more rare, is that all children can survive the journey of birth. In 1985 a set of septuplets was born, but only three of them survived. Thankfully, this is not the fate of the McCaughey family, but that is the possibility of Bobbi McCaughey facing that moment. Twenty years ago, she gave birth to the seven miraculous babies. Let's take a look at their journey and find out where they are now.

Beat The Odds. Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey live a modest life in Des Moines, Iowa. They dream of adding children to their little family someday. Unfortunately, Bobbi has health problems since birth.

beating the odds
She has a malfunctioning pituitary gland that causes her hormones to become very weak. Fortunately, she finally got pregnant after a lot of planning. Like hopeful parents, this should be everything they want.

The Very First Child. Bobbi became pregnant with his first child, Mikayla Marie, who was born on January 3, 1996. Finally, after years of waiting for a child, they finally had someone to stay home.

the very first child
Bobbi still wants more children to add to their family. So, she decides to do the care done to help more children. One day, after a visit at the hospital, they received some incredible news that would change their lives in a very big way.
The birth of septuplets causes complete media madness, including appearances in "Time Magazine" and "The Oprah Winfrey Show." Some people believe they are a miracle. Some people think McCaugheys only exploits their children. Bill Clinton was president at the time, and he called them to congratulate the new parents. They receive many donations, among them, homes, and even scholarships for all children. Soon, attention grew old.

Seven is the Lucky Number. Bobbi has received a drug that raises her hormone to their natural level, called Metrodin. A few months after she received the injection, Bobbi became pregnant, but with many children.

seven is a lucky number
Bobbi and her husband assumed that this would happen, but they panicked a little when they found out how many embryos the doctor found. Bobbi is pregnant with seven children! One option can change Bobbi's pregnancy outcome.

Seven New Lives. Bobbi gave birth to seven children on November 19, 1997, thanks to the help of doctors, Karen Drake and Paula Mahone.

seven new lives
Due to the fact that babies were born seven weeks before their time, some were born with health problems. Two of them are born with cerebral palsy, which affects their physical health drastically. The McCaughey septuplets became the first set of septuplets to survive childbirth. Everyone seems to talk about it, but some people are not happy.

No More Appearance. When the children are ten years old, the family stops interviewing, except for the "Dateline NBC" episode once a year.
Dionne's quintuplet tells parents about the fall of letting their lives be published in the newspaper.
no more appearances
So, years have passed since anyone saw the seven children on the news. Their performance will surprise everyone! The first born child wants to earn a living working with his hands.
Here they are after 20 years. In the course of their lives, they grow up and begin to live their lives according to their own ideals.
Kenneth The Builder. Kenneth Jr. was born weighing three pounds and four ounces. She decided she wanted to study at Des Moines Area Community College.
kenneth the builder
He said he was not angry about moving from his other siblings. "I honestly think it would be good for all of us to split up, I'm not worried about not seeing everyone that much," he told NBC News. He will not travel alone.
A Preschool Master. Alexis May, two pounds and eleven ounces, and was the first girl born from a septuplet. She is one of the children born with cerebral palsy.
alexis may the preschool teacher
She has to learn to walk around using a walker. She decided to go to Des Moines Area Community College, just like her sister. Alexis wants to study in early childhood education. She hopes to become a preschool teacher.
The Next Big Star. The last of the three girls born was Kelsey Ann. Weighing her two pounds and five ounces when she was born. While attending Carlisle High School, she is in the choir of all girls.
kelsey ann the next big star
She decided to go to Hannibal-LaGrange University, which offered scholarships to children when they were born. She wants to pursue a career in music, and can see herself as the next big star! The next child shines bright enough too!
Teaching preschool The second of the three girls born is Natalie Sue. When she was born she weighed two kilograms and eleven ounces.
When she graduated, she was in the top fifteen percent of her class. Like her sister Kelsey Ann, she chose to receive a free scholarship for Hannibal-LaGrange University. Natalie Sue one day wants to be a preschool teacher and majoring in basic education.

Nathan Roy. Nathan Roy is the fifth born baby, and weighs three pounds and three ounces. Nathan Roy is another child born with cerebral palsy.
Unfortunately, in 2005, he had to have surgery on his spine to help him walk. He also decided to go to Hannibal-LaGrange University, and would major in computer science. "I always like to do computer stuff," he told KCCI 8. His sister had absolutely no school in mind.

Army Man. Brandon James is the second born, and weighs two kilograms and fourteen ounces. Unlike his siblings, Brandon James did not decide to pursue college after graduation. He decided that his life was directed to register in the United States Army.
"My job is infantry, so I may lose most of the time because I will be on active duty for it," he told KCCI 8. The youngest brother also has a passion for working with electronic equipment.

Joel Steven. Joel is the baby of the group, and was born weighing two pounds and fifteen ounces. He also decided to go to Hannibal-LaGrange University. Like his brother Nathan Roy, he will major in computer science.
"I've always thought that computers are really weird, but in a good way I love how they work," he told KCCI 8. Now the kids are heading for themselves, what do parents say?
Their Journey Begin. Their parents are a little sad to see them leave their nests, but they are also happy to have them. Watching their children leave on their own journey has become their final destination as parents.
When asked for suggestions, Kenny jokingly told KCCI 8, "Ask them one by one.That's the best way - joking." One thing we know about their future is that they all have amazing stories to tell!

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