This Is the Reason California is the Most Beautiful Country in the United States

Inspiring Page - This Is the Reason California is the Most Beautiful Country in the United States. From south to north, and everything in between, California has a lot to offer tourists from all walks of life. And we are not just referring to the Golden Gate Bridge or Disneyland alone.
mossbrae falls dunsmuir california
Source: Mossbrae Falls, Dunsmuir, California - Chewei Chang / Flickr
What? You think we're lying Then check out these places.
#1. Valley of Sights, Yosemite. One of the main destinations to visit in California is Yosemite National Park, and this is definitely worth exploring. There are many places where you can take some amazing photos, especially Valley View.
valley view yosemite california
Source: Mr. Nixter / Flickr
You'll have El Capitan on the left, Cathedral Rocks and Bridalveil Falls to the right, and the Merced River in the foreground. So, all your photos will practically look like the best postcards ever.
#2. Avalon, Santa Catalina Island. Located on the beautiful Gulf of Avalon is the fantastic city of Santa Catalina Island. This is where 90% of the islanders call home.
avalon santa catalina island california
Source: David Wilson / Flickr
It is also a resort community with a Mediterranean atmosphere that has many entertainment venues that attract tourists. If you love snorkeling than you will surely love the marine reserve park this place has to offer.
#3 Beach Pfeiffer, Big Sur. Near Big Sur post office, you'll find Pfeiffer Beach, which is one of the hidden gems in Northern California.
pfeiffer beach big sur california
Source: Chewei Chang / Flickr
The beach offers rock formations that are challenging, including one with keyhole that is very feasible to have Instagram. But you can enjoy the eroded garnet crystals that have shaped the purple streaks in the sand.
#4. Seven cups of tea, Sequoia National Forest. Along Dry Meadow Creek, you'll find Seven Teacups Canyon, popular with canyoners from all over due to its unique formation.
seven teacup sequoia national forest
Source: Geology Of The World And The Environment / Flickr
Although climbing can be challenging, the way down through the waterfall can be fun, especially if you use an inflatable raft.
#5. Pismo Beach Sand Dunes, Oceano. Some photos provided by VFM Leonardo. The Sahara Hills are pale compared to the sand dunes along Pismo Beach.
pismo beach sand dunes oceano
Source: Anita Ritenour / Flickr
They are created by the tidal stream as well. But the cool part of this place is that the compact and solid sand lets you drive on the beach almost until you reach the water.
#6. Thousand Lake Islands, Wilderness Ansel Adams. In Sierra Nevada, you will find Thousand Island Lake, one of the largest inland lakes, at the end of Banner Peak.
thousand island lake ansel adams wilderness
Source: Sathish J / Flickr
It gets its name from various rocky islands on its surface. The lake offers some stunning scenery, which includes a sparkling waterfall and snow peak as well.
#7. Zabriskie Point, Death Valley National Park. Do not let the name fool you, there's a lot of beauty in Death Valley, especially at Zabriskie Point.
zabriskie point death valley national park
Source: Steve Corey / Flickr
Sunlight creates a stunning display of colors at dawn, once the hill becomes visible. And you can thank the valley, which is rich in minerals for such a vision. If you want to see a place very much like Rivendell, then come here.
#8. La Jolla, San Diego. Travelers who visit San Diego love this popular hilly beach community. There are boutiques, and restaurants in town with beautiful scenery, secluded beaches, tidal pools, sea cliffs and more.
la jolla san diego
Source: Chad McDonald / Flickr
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If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you will also find many wildlife here like seals, various sea birds and sea lions as well.

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