11 Inspirational Wooden Lamp Furniture for Various Places in Your Home

Inspiring Page - 11 Inspirational Wooden Lamp Furniture for Various Places in Your Home. The collection of furniture that we have following will inspire you to have one or even some to beautify the corner of the empty space in your home.

beautiful light sculptures made with california cedar wood
Beautiful Light Sculptures Made with California Cedar Wood
We are sure, you must have gone camping out of the house to some beautiful natural places and found various types of wood pieces in nature. Or maybe also pieces of wood like that also there are many around the neighborhood where you live. Actually, you can use them to be used as a beautiful lamp furniture for display at your home.
#1. Sculpture Light Made with California Cedar Wood. Pay close attention, how this California Cedar wood which is used wood and wasted in the world, can be used and used as a charming lampshade for the empty space corner of your home.
california cedar wood to create sculpture light furniture
Notice once again the close picture of this Cedar Wood Cedar bundle. You and your family or even guests visiting your home will be amazed to see it if you have one at your home.
By looking at the picture closer, you are inspired to make it yourself at home? Please try it now. Choose any type of wood that is around you, and make yourself at home, and immediately display in a corner of empty space in your living room.
#2. Lamp at Wooden Hole. Surely you have found a piece of wood as seen below. What if you find it once more, and immediately take it to make it a beautiful lamp fixture like this.

If you can make it yourself, then anyone who sees it will want it too. This could be a new business field for you. So. Are you inspired to make one at your home?
#3. Hanging Lamp from Wood Root. This is one of the beautiful and most easily built hanging lamps by anyone at home.
All you need is a scrub tree that is dead and wasted, to be turned into a beautiful chandelier. Search around your residence, surely you will find it. Take advantage of that.
#4. Rotten Wood Pieces. Even rotten log logs, still can be used to make a beautiful lamp bulb for your desk.
It's very easy to make one at home. Simply, cut it into sections and make it as shown above. Easy. Isn't it?
#5. The Old Berji Wood. A piece of old wood branched like in the photo below, you can use to be a full artistic lamp furniture for your work space.
Make it as it appears in the photo above. You do not even need to change the shape of the wood. Simply given the foundation at the bottom as a place to stand. Done.
#6. Branch of Longwood. Looks elegant. And it turns out to make it very easy. You can make your own at home, just by looking at the photo below.
Its very easy to make one for you. Take a long branch of wood, cut to the size you want. Make a hole in the middle of a long length of wood. Look at the photo above carefully, and you definitely get the inspiration to make it yourself easily.
#7. Two Long Boards. Looks elegant. At first glance a bit difficult to make. But if observed carefully, then you certainly easily make your own.
Take the board and cut it into two parts and make it look as shown in the photo above. Be sure to make a foundation for standing, and another small piece for the center. The lamp will be between the two boards. Done.
#8. Rotten Log Hole. If you find it, save it. Make it into an artistic furniture as shown in the photo below.
Obviously, this lamp furniture you make yourself at home, just use the standard carpenter's equipment. Be unique and charming lamp furniture for your living room.
#9. Natural Wood Root Carving. If you note, the wood cuts on the photo below, often you find under a tree in nature.
This unique piece of woody roots is usually found under the bushes of nature. And generally released naturally from the parent tree. If you find it take it and take it home. Make a lamp furniture to display on your desk.
#10. Wood Lamp Hole. Made from wooden tree branches by hollowing it like in photo. And place the lamp inside.
Make sure you also drill the ends for the lamp cable groove. It's very easy to make yourself. Simply attention to the photo above, and you definitely get the inspiration to make it yourself.
#11. Table Lamp from Large Log Hollow Wood. A large log wood that has a natural hole in the middle, you can make a unique and artistic lamp furniture.
Cut the large log timber according to the height you want. Make it as a table. Fill the lights in the middle. And be an artistic lamp table for your living room.

So. How about you? Have you picked one of those we presented earlier? Have you got the inspiration to make it yourself at home? Our suggestion. Immediately walk out of the house. Find bits of natural wood out there. And make it a unique light fixture for an empty corner in one of your home's favorite spaces.

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