Jim Carrey's Other Side Life As a Painter

Inspiring Page - Many people do not know about Jim Carrey, but he drew and painted as a child, and has been a secret passion for some time.

Jim Carrey's Other Side As a Painter

Jim Carrey is a famous actor who tries as an artist, with his paintings that may have a painful recessive tone since the tragic suicide of his ex-girlfriend, Cathriona White. While most fans know Jim Carrey due to his various film roles, Carrey now brings his world of art as a painter in a new short documentary titled "I Needed Color," which he says lets him connect to his "inner life".

Jim Carrey's famous actor's Other Side As a Painter
He was amazing in the vampire comedy "Once Bitten" in the 80s. He also made us laugh at the franchise "The Mask" and also "Ace Ventura." There seemed to be nothing he could not do.

Jim Carrey made us laugh at The Mask

By the time he started painting he realized that he was hooked. Painting has become a kind of obsession, and soon there is no place in his house for people to move, because his paintings are fouling every nook and cranny.

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Jim Carrey's obsession

Jim Carrey's obsession as a painter

The art of painting has been used as a form of emotional healing for some time. It was clear that Carrey was trying to do something painful, like losing her ex-girlfriend, Cathriona White, who was in her heart despite the fact that they were no longer together.
Jim Carrey's girlfriend Cathriona White

In fact, it can be said that art is driven by strong emotions, which Carrey certainly owns. Whenever he feels lost, angry, sad, or painful, his images and paintings become emotional outlets to express those feelings in a healthy and artistic way.

Art can take you on a journey of self-discovery, and Jim is certainly an inspiring person. His work is beautiful, original, and full of feelings, but at the same time very serious and amazing and embodies every art form, and he is great at everything he creates.

Cathriona White

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That's a bit of the other side of Jim Carrey's artistic life in painting.

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